How To Get Xbox Live and PS2 Broadband To Work With Dialup


This is actually very simple, and I'm surprised this method isn't spreading around the internet like crazy.

First, let me clear a few things up for you fan boys/people that think its only broadband for a reason.

IT DOES NOT ruin the gaming experience for anyone else because it lags, the servers are set up in a way where only you will lag, and no one else. Some newer games like Halo 2 are set up to even out lag, but dialup WILL NOT work with halo 2, unless you like super laggy games...

A lot of games work suprisingly well, I think that Microsoft should support dialup for the few games it works on.


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Barely any lag.

Unreal Championship: Little to no lag if your in a small game (I would only go 6 players MAX)

Mechassault: Well, this one's weird, you wont lag, but it will look like your lagging to other people, I'm not sure if it makes it harder for you to be hit or what, I suck at that game so I still die a lot anyway.

Tetris Worlds: NO LAG, EVER (yeah I know its kind of a bad example, but who cares?)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Little to moderate lag, I wouldn't go over a 4 person game with this.

Counter Strike: Almost no lag, even in large games, It really depends on the server.


Almost Every game I've tested that was Broadband only had barely any lag. The only problems you run into are if you are on a server that is crappy, a server with lots of people, or if their are a lot of people using the headset. (the headset doesn't lag Xbox Live as much as PS2...weird...probably because the PS2 headset seems to be of better sound quality) or combinations of the above.

A lot of this depends on if you are getting the full 56KbPS connection speed. I can see how it would effect things a lot.

Anyway, here's how you do it

What you need:


Network adaptor (if you are on PS2)

PC With Network Card

Crossover Cable (Also known as Patch cable)

Xbox Live Account (If you are on Xbox)

TV/Necessary hookup cables for console/game/other obvious stuff...

I am using Windows XP to do this, if someone knows how to do it with Windows 98 or below, let me know, I haven't used Windows 98 in so long I barely remember anything.

First, hook up your console, take the Crossover cable, put one end in your PC, one end in your Xbox/PS2

Second, Turn on your computer, Dial onto the internet, CLOSE ANY PROGRAMS THAT USE BANDWIDTH, This means AOL instant messenger, MSN instant messenger (if it doesn't let you close it, use CONTROL+ALT+DELETE and close the Process called msmsgs.exe

Third: In the bottom right corner of your Start Bar there should be an icon that looks like 2 computer screens blinking green, (it should not be blinking actually, but it blinks every once in awhile, if its blinking a lot, something is using your bandwidth go back to step 2)  Double click on it and a window should come up, click the Properties button and then click the advanced tab. In the Internet Connection Sharing section, check the box (it should actually be the second box down from all the boxes shown) make sure none of the other boxes are checked and press OK, you may have to wait a few seconds now, then click close on the other window we opened earlier

Fourth: Turn on your Console, boot into your game, Log onto Xbox Live (for Xbox) or whatever PS2 game your playing, and there you go! It works!

E-mail me and tell me what games you've tested, the amount of lag, what ISP you where using, and any other information you have.

Most of the newer games are pretty much unplayable by now, This really only works on older games for Xbox Live. For PS2 I haven't really had a chance to test it as much.

The one thing you CAN do is get all your Content downloads for Xbox Live/PS2. It will take awhile but most of them are worth it. Especially the Camo for Metal Gear Solid 3 on PS2, HUGE advantage over the enemy once you download those! Don't miss out!