Playing PSO Version 1 Online for Dreamcast In the US


This really works, I've been doing it since...well, since the US servers died and I figured its time to reveal it to this great forum Forget all those PSO hackers and Hacked PSO images that are such a pain in the ass to find, use this!!

Step one: Buy/Download and burn a EUROPEAN version of PSO 1 or 2

Step two: Buy/Download and burn a Boot disc for Imports

Step three: Set up your ISP settings on your DC (if you need them, PM me and ill send you an account)

Step four: Put boot disc in, then swap for PSO game (if you downloaded it, its probably hacked to not need a boot disc, if you don't need one, don't use it)

Step five: Play PSO online

Its seriously that easy....doesn't it rule?

Happy PSO-ing!!!!